Our Client’s Experience



“I was fortunate to be introduced to this company several years ago. I am a very busy physician, but my cash receivables were never what they should have been. Literally, from day one we completely and professionally revamped our strategy to deal with this ballooning problem. Within 3-4 months time, I was seeing a tremendous difference in our revenues and office operations.”


medical billing testimonial from Chicago, Illinois

Randall M. Toig, M.D.
Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.
Chicago, Illinois




“I felt that our billing system was fine, but PBP pointed out our short comings and how we could increase collections and bill more efficiently as to increase reimbursements. Over the past several years PBP has delivered what they promised. We have increased our collections and increased our third party reimbursements. Today I can not afford not to have my billing managed by PBP. I strongly recommend Freda Lindsey and PBP . I have learned to appreciate their work and depend on my increased earnings.”


mdical billing system testimonial in Chicago, IL.

Elias Sabbagha, M.D.
Comprehensive Womens Health
Chicago, Illinois